Welcome to the best guide for proxy surfing. Here you can learn how to get around the web anonymously and to get around and unblock sites. is a free web-based proxy that allows you to get around school, work, and home filters. Meaning that you can go to any website even if at you're at school. Including Myspace, YouTube, etc. And pass by rapidshare limit. Free web based proxys are getting more and more popular as schools and official localities get to close and deny the users to surf wherever they want. By using an anonymous proxy you can get around this kind of obstacles. Want to watch video at school ? Oh yes. The filters the school apply will not come to use when you surf through a proxy so go on, surf !!!

This free proxy is for everybody that want to pass by any filters anywhere or dont want any logs to show traces of where they have surfed. This free anonymous proxy is not for those who are visiting illegal web pages or other illegal material or are conducting illegal acts. Illegal use will be reported. Be assured that as long as you are not in contact wth anything illegal, nobody will ever find out that you have used this proxy and nobody can trace your route or find your IP. is a free web-based anonymous proxy service, which allows anyone to surf the web with privacy and security. There is no software to install, and it is completely free! You can surf websites but hackers or website owners cannot identify or track you. The service hides your IP address, and it prevents monitoring of your network traffic. It can also get around rapidshare. If you use this proxy service, it will hide your IP from the site/ page you are visiting. Nobody can go back later and say that it was you who visited that and that site. We keep no server logs, and whatever you do through this site is solely your responsibility. (exept the mentioned illegal stuff.) You have this options: remove cookies, ad removing, referrer info hiding and to have the form shown. Go through and around filters. Web proxies can also filter the content of Web pages served. Some censorware applications — which attempt to block offensive Web content — are implemented as Web proxies. Other web proxies reformat web pages for a specific purpose or audience; for example, Skweezer reformats web pages for cell phones and PDAs. Network operators can also deploy proxies to intercept computer viruses and other hostile content served from remote Web pages. Free proxies are good for all.
Many work places and schools are cracking down on the websites and online services that are made available in their buildings. Websites like MySpace, Bebo, Xanga, Runescape, Youtube, Miniclip which even circumventors to bypass censors in computers and other illegal social websites have become targets of mass banning.
Nginx Web and Reverse proxy server, that can act as POP3 proxy server.
SSH Secure Shell can be configured to proxify a connection, by setting up a SOCKS proxy on the client, and tunneling the traffic through the SSH connection.
yProxy is a NNTP proxy server that converts yEnc encoded message attachments to UUEncoding, complete with SSL client support.
PingFu is a proxy server and client for TCP and UDP applications
A server that sits between a client application, such as a Web browser, and a real server. It intercepts all requests to the real server to see if it can fulfill the requests itself. If not, it forwards the request to the real server.